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At Taylor & Taylor Law, we assist clients in Langley, Surrey and the BC Lower Mainland resolve disputes and claims both in and out of court. We understand that negotiating a resolution outside the court system is usually the most affordable and efficient option. We also understand when it may be advantageous for our clients to initiate a court action, and advocate strongly for our clients in court when necessary.

How do I resolve my dispute?

Typically, the starting place in resolving a civil dispute with another party is to engage a lawyer to prepare and send what is commonly referred to as a "demand letter" to the other party. This is a letter which outlines your position and makes a request of the other party, usually by a specific deadline. The other party then, usually with the assistance of their own counsel, will have the opportunity to reply with their position on the matter.

Do I need to sue?

Many clients find the negotiation process through counsel to be effective in obtaining a resolution to a dispute without having to initiate the litigation process. Other clients find that keeping an open dialogue for negotiation throughout litigation can lead to a resolution in advance of a hearing or trial. Every dispute is different.

Which court is most appropriate for my matter?

Starting June 1, 2017, the maximum claim amount for regular small claims at provincial court will be raised from $25,000 to $35,000. Moreover, a new online system called the Civil Resolution Tribunal  will enable disputes of under $5,000 to be resolved using a novel online system called the Civil Resolution Tribunal. Claims over $35,000 will typically proceed through BC Supreme Court.

Monetary value, however, is not the only deciding factor as to which court to sue in. Certain matters (such as Estate Litigation, for example), do not fall within the jurisdiction of the small claims court. Furthermore, the solutions and damages available are not the same between the small claims and supreme court. A lawyer can help you examine your objectives and determine which court is most suitable for your matter, should initiating a claim in the court be the appropriate avenue for your dispute.

Where do I start?

Most often, the best starting place in resolving a civil dispute is to meet with a lawyer for a consultation. This is an opportunity to discuss your issue with the lawyer, as questions, and identify your options moving forward. The lawyer will help you examine your objectives and determine an appropriate strategy for resolving your dispute, whether that involves initiating a court action or otherwise.

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