Dispute Resolution

Langley and Surrey Dispute Resolution Lawyers

Lawyers at Taylor & Taylor Law can assist you with resolving your dispute using a variety of dispute resolution methods, including the option of going to court.

Disputes are a common occurrence in business, and they often expose businesses and business owners to additional costs and risk.

Usually, the earlier a dispute is identified, the better the chance of resolving it without going to court. Most often, direct communication between the parties (or communication through their respective counsel) is the most effective and expedient method of resolving conflicts and disagreements.

There are a number of other options to consider when discussions break down, the most common being negotiation, mediation and where appropriate, arbitration. Pursuing a court action can be a necessary avenue depending on the matter at hand.

If you are involved in a dispute it is recommended to seek counsel to discuss the best plan of action to address and resolve the matter.




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