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At Taylor & Taylor Law, we assist clients in Langley, Surrey and the BC Lower Mainland in the areas of estate planning and estate administration. We also assist with estate litigation matters and court applications.

Estate Planning

There are are a number of personal planning options available in British Columbia to help ensure that your wishes are known and respected should unfortunate circumstances arise, such as death or mental incapacity.

Estate planning is always specific to each person's particular circumstances. Your personalized estate plan could include one or more estate planning documents, such as a will, power of attorney, representation agreement, nomination of committee, advance directive, or even a trust document, such as an alter ego or other inter vivos trust.

Unique circumstances such as children with disabilities, blended families, divorce or separation, and holding funds in trust for a beneficiary on certain conditions all require special planning and consideration by your lawyer to ensure your wishes are properly (and legally) expressed.

A consultation with an estate planning lawyer can help you to identify which estate plan is appropriate for you and your family.


Estate Administration

Estate Administration involves resolving the assets and liabilities of a deceased's estate. The individual appointed in the will to resolve the estate, known as the personal representative (or executor), may need to obtain a grant of probate from the BC Supreme Court establishing the validity of the will.

Often, financial and government institutions require a grant of probate before they will allow the executor to manage the affairs of the deceased. In most cases, estates greater than $25,000 in value will need to obtain a grant of probate, however, there are several exceptions. 

Obtaining the grant of probate itself can be a time consuming and complex process, particularly if the estate is significant in value or contains a variety of different assets such as personal effects, bank accounts, investments, land, or life insurance (to name a few). In particular, the grant of probate can be significantly delayed if one or more beneficiaries contest the will or the proposed distribution of assets.

A consultation with a probate lawyer can help you to identify whether probate is required, and if so, how to successfully achieve a grant of probate in a timely fashion.

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