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Incorporating a Personal Real Estate Corporation

A personal real estate corporation is a special type of corporation available to licensed realtors in British Columbia, through which real estate services may be provided. In this article, we discuss the basics of incorporating a personal real estate corporation.

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Annual Reports for BC Companies

In this article, we discuss the Annual Report and other routine annual paperwork that would apply to a typical, privately held British Columbia company.

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Legal due diligence when buying a business

Conducting due diligence is an essential step before buying a business. This article discusses some of the basic searches that apply to most transactions.

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Probate in British Columbia

For most executors, obtaining a grant of probate will be necessary or desirable in the course of administering an estate. The process can be started as soon as a death certificate is obtained.

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Disability Trusts: providing for disabled beneficiaries

A disability trust authorizes the trustee (or in the case of a will, the executor) to make discretionary payments to a disabled beneficiary. Increasingly, will-makers are interested in providing for disabled beneficiaries without jeopardizing their access to government assistance.

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Common questions about Commercial Leases

A commercial lease is a binding contract between the owner of commercial property (the landlord) and one or more tenants who wish to occupy that

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Incorporating a Sole Proprietorship

What is a Sole Proprietorship? Lots of entrepreneurs start out as sole proprietors. While incorporating a business can take some time and planning, a sole

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Naming your British Columbia Company

If you are incorporating a company in British Columbia, one of the first considerations you will make is what to name your new British Columbia